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Honest confession: if the whole nearly-three-hours-long Transformers 4 movie consisted of Titus Welliver leaning on furniture, I WOULD HAVE WATCHED IT ANYWAY…

…and this gif shows that the film operators apparently think the same way. I mean, shooting a scene with a minor villain starting with his reflection in a dark surface just for the sake of sheer aesthetic beauty of the shot: kinda smooth, ain’t it?..))

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Petition for Felix Blake in Season 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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My father recently lost his job, we lost our house and now on top of this he has been diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes. 

He is a professional machinist and has been working as one for over 30 years, only to then have his work stolen from him by his own mother and sister.  We’ve been scraping by since then and now that he lost his job we have absolutely nothing to live off of.

He is such a strong person and until yesterday I have never once seen him cry.  We’re absolutely devastated - he has cancer and we have no way to help him.  

He has always refused to take money from other people and he has spent his life helping people in need, and now we are the ones who need help.

My mother’s best friend has made a gofundme to try and help us pay our bills (we currently have no income whatsoever) and get him the treatment he so desperately needs.  

If you can’t donate then (please, please, please) signal boost this.  I’ll also share with him any supportive asks I receive regarding this..

I love my father so much and I am so afraid to lose him right now.


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This is what my field workshop looks like (except for a jar of sulphur ointment that adds patina to silver metal clay - and yeah, those things are technically silver, and I’m starting to love this material))). The item that looks like a sonic screwdriver is actually a butane torch. And yeah, I’m finally making some of my clumsy weird sketches [inspired mostly by Clive Barker’s tales] into something more or less solid.

P.S.: In fact, I made the first sketch of the flower with a human eye inside it after I reading the story of Elathuria, if you see what I mean…

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Mark Strong, ladies and gentlemen.

Nosferatu In Love (2014)

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One of the things that is really notable about Moscow and yet not many people outside Russia know about, is how gorgeous the Moscow metro is.

These photos? That’s what the metro stations look like.


They’re called the “People’s palaces of Moscow” or else “Underground palaces,” and they were built during the Soviet era on the Communist idea that art and beauty should belong to the people rather than only being available in the houses of nobles.

These photos show just some of the metro’s attractions. There are many more mosaics, statues, etc, placed throughout.

And the metro is always this clean.

In addition to being beautiful, it is incredibly functional. It gets you pretty much everywhere in Moscow, and the trains run at intervals of every three minutes or less. At peak times, they run every 90 seconds. You never have to worry about missing a train, because the next one will come almost immediately.

Not always of course. In the late evening or early morning hours, you may have to wait as long as five whole minutes for a train. They’re also super easy to navigate.

We Russians are pretty proud of our metro system.

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welcome to night vale

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I wondered what would it sound like if that song was switched into the minor key, and this happened

*my headphones broke so I can’t tell if it’s too quiet or not, sorry :/

Dammit. I’d sing along if I were close to you. That sounds GREAT.

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using nothing more than newton’s laws of gravitation, we astronomers can confidently predict that several billion years from now our home galaxy, the milky way, will merge with our neighbouring galaxy, andromeda. because the distances between the stars are so great compared to their sizes, few if any stars in either galaxy will actually collide.
any life on the worlds of that far off future should be safe, but they will be treated to an amazing billion-year-long lightshow.
a dance of a half a trillion stars, to music first heard on one little world, by a man who had but one true friend.

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One day I’ll make it into a real piece of jewellery… Today, it’s only one of the quick sketches, inspired by Clive Barker’s tales.

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Just to do the headcount… Dresden/Marcone.

Yes, I ship it, too, otherwise I wouldn’t have painted it.

Do you?

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A birthday present for a friend of mine who ships Dresden/Marcone ;3