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Thanks for your help so far! We are nearly 30% funded and need some help getting to 100% so we can make this year’s stop motion animated Christmas episode. Please share! <3 <3

Support our campaign!

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This is the perfect moment to make a crossover between Doctor Who and Hellraiser, because LEMARCHAND’S BOX AFGHJFKLHHHHGHNNNHGGHHHHH

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I don’t obey rules. They make me disappear. I love to break things into their smallest segments and facilitate their progressive metamorphosis and endless play with different styles, while maintaining basic identity, aesthetics and function.

- Srdjan, the artist behind the Harem Royal.

If THIS is not true art, I don’t know what is.

Go and visit their page and etsy shop. They are AMAZING.

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Lunar by erebus-odora

Made for a lovely lady I know; as she asked me for a rounded shape, I cannot repeat this one exactly as it is. I made an angular shape with modelling clay, made a mould, and shaped the silver metal clay the way it looks here. All the patterns are purely from my imagination… and yeah, there’s a fern leaf involved here.

Burnished, polished and darkened with small amount of sulphur ointment. Took me a week to design this from scrap, so… hope she likes this one :3

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so I’ve just discovered soundrown, it’s sort of like rainymood except there’s 10 different sounds that you can listen to and combine to create whatever sort of environment you want (i.e. campfire and night, which is quite lovely)


are you telling me i could listen to the sound of a coffee shop on fire


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These are my amulets for tonight.

Wood, labradorite, black ribbon, red leather, darkened silver; made and worn by yours truly. And yeah, the coffee in the picture above is that extremely strong and sweet sort you can only get at railway station cafeterias.

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Three pencils, two markers, one sick idea stuck in my head…

"Dirty mind, dirty mouth, pretty little head", if you see what I mean.

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An extract from Iain Pears, “The Portrait”, read by Peter Capaldi; the larger part of this chapter can be read here to give you the better idea, but-

I just can’t help shuddering from the thought: THIS IS IT. This is how a painter feels.

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*now you can only imagine mad Sunday afternoons of erebusodora’s neighbours*

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On 21st April paradYse/Transgressive Records present the debut single by 24 year-old London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Cosmo Sheldrake.

Buy the Ltd 7”
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Cosmo describes The Moss as “an ode to nonsense for its own sake”. Invoking many of the classic figures of nonsense literature, Cosmo embarks on a peg-legged jaunt, draping finely woven vocal harmonies over an underbelly of electronics, strings, and an Armenian Duduk (recorded at a folk session in a country pub in East Sussex).

Recorded by Cosmo Sheldrake. Mixed by Tarek Musa and mastered at The Exchange London.

Website -
Facebook -
SoundCloud - Cosmo Sheldrake
Twitter -
YouTube -

These guys are seriously amazing <3

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There are people who ask me how I do things and/or ask to share some “how to” advice - so I recorded this. Which explains a lot.

And, yeah. “Fail better” is the only option, if you see what I mean.

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Reblog this if you believe in asexuality please

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