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I have to dive out of my hiatus to share THIS.
THIS is what makes me paint, dance, and bake cupcakes for a Gothic show (true story!).
I’ve been waiting over a year for this release in its proper growling quality, and…


My blog needs this like I need air.

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And - you know, I thought it’s fair to let you know what I’m so busy with so that I can’t afford normal web communication… see, I nearly LIVE AT MY OFFICE.

The images above are what my real life looks like when it stops resembling bureaucratic Hell. These are all pieces of items I design within my office just to keep up my brand of “sane”: paper cranes, weird owls on the whiteboard, small moleskine sketches, orchids… and the last shot is what happens when my boss sneaks on me with my own camera just for the fun of that.

Stay tuned.
Have fun.
Be okay.

That’s all I can tell you right now ;3


doc a.k.a. erebusodora

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You may bury my body
down by the highway side
So my old evil spirit
Can catch a Greyhound bus and ride

- Robert Johnson, Me and the Devil Blues

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There are moments when I want to scream or die. I paint instead.

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DO YOU NOW ANY OF THESE ARTISTS (I know who 9 is) ?!!?!?


Their work is being sold on etsy on these cases. 

The third one is mine, and - yes, this does feel rude, if you see what I mean.

Reblogging to spread the word for the fellow artists…

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A quick reminder that I’m alive and kicking, if you see what I mean here.

Side note: I’ve got nearly impossible schedule until July, 24th, at the very least. So I do apologize for being a seldom seen kid these days… T_T

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Well, since I’m being on hiatus for a while (being half-eaten by everyday routine isn’t fun, but it works for me), I feel like it’s time to share the project I’ve been working on a few weeks ago. A friend of mine, Clare Costa, asked me to develop a cover art for her new detective novel, and I was really excited to do that. Here’s the result: the book is available here.

The funny part was that I didn’t want to use any known reference for the pose, so I had to ask my boss to let me use his hands as reference… and he did, which just proves that full-time office job also contains a great team of people that forgive me for being weirder than average.

Hopefully I’ll return soon with some new art, because I’ve got about nineteen or twenty items on my “to paint” list, and I can’t wait to make those ideas real.)))

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majestic velociraptor Titus Welliver

…OK, I needed this on my dash.


majestic velociraptor Titus Welliver

…OK, I needed this on my dash.

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Hiatus: in more words than one.

For all you out there: in case you didn’t know - you are too kind and generous.
You know, people accuse me of not having time for them.
Well, they don’t literally accuse me, they just make hints when I decline their offers or explain why I cannot do this or that. They say or write something like, “Oh, that’s OK - it’s just unfortunate that you don’t have time for that”. Some of my friends who I deal with on, um… painting basis are aware of my usual schedule, and I’m insanely grateful for that; they know that when I say that I cannot do something, that doesn’t mean I don’t have time. That means I’ve got no physical possibility to do that (e.g. somebody asks if they could have a print of some of my old fanart in 24 hours, while I moved the files to another HDD which I physically removed from my ‘art PC’ a long while ago, and it is literally impossible to dig it out of my storage on time just because it’s inside one of the boxes on one of the shelves and I have no clue where to start digging).
I’m writing this all for you to remember: you are the sweetest people.
Nobody here accused me of being inattentive or ignorant just because I had no chance to keep my blog updated for a rather long while. For those whom may concern: I’m fine. I’m just half-eaten by lack of sleep and amount of work. And yeah, some art news will follow as soon as I get enough sleep.

Thank you so much, dear friends.

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You might have noticed I’m on hiatus,


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For those who know I like interesting faces: here’s the one you should remember. He’s Amir Arison, by the way, remember the name.

For those who know I like a good story about a small character: that’s the one stories can be told about.

For those who know I like weird theories: oh.

Just watch NBC’s “The Blacklist” (in case you haven’t just for the sake of dark plots and James Spader alone). If you did, just… damn! There’s so much potential about this character, starting with his possibly dark side (because how on Earth does one interact with Red Reddington without getting high on adrenaline, or how does one just steal $ 5,000,000 in two minutes without being a PRACTISED expert in hacking, or how does one all at once get calm and respectful despite the second after being threatened with a loaded gun by a notorious murderer?..) and ending with sci-fi ideas, like him being a cyborg or something.

The obvious thing is: YES, I totally love painting people like him.
And I cannot miss the chance to muse on the sci-fi theory, just for the fun of it))

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