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Jasper Sitwell and a Cupcake Of Trust.

Because some of my ideas look weird even to me.

Coulson’s cupcake

Blake’s cupcake

May’s cupcake

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➪ character i’m in denial about: jasper sitwell

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The guy needs more love))


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Either style is fine. I do love your simplified yet beautifully realistic style though. I'd love to commission some art someday.
Anonymous asked

One day, when I’m done with current projects (or, at least they’re not as many as now)), I’ll finally put up my FAQ on commissions - so I’ll be glad to fulfil your ideas)))

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You are so great and inspiration to me! Just wanted to thank you for you being you.
Anonymous asked

I don’t really know what to reply to this.

People like you keep me… surfacing. Keep me believing that something I do feels right not only for me. Keep me going on when the times are tough. Being an inspiration to someone is PRICELESS, it’s like… inhaling a piece of starlight. 

Thank you for making me feel that kind of magic.

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Could you make a step by step of your drawing process, please? Just next time you draw something. I love your Agent Blake doodles.
Anonymous asked

You mean, the actual-Agent-Blake-portrait-stuff, or the stupid ones?))

It takes a long while working on portraits, it’s quicker with simple stuff. Anyway, I’m doing livestream sessions from time to time, so if there are people who want to know something about the way I paint, I can include sketching Titus Welliver to one of these sessions.

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Today I finally got some free time and cook for people I love. 
I think cooking for someone you love is better than just saying “I love you”.

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I think my new answer for when someone asks me why I am in a wheelchair is, “Retired mermaid.”

This is beautiful.

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Because sometimes I do stupid doodles.

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You have no idea of how exactly I am grateful.

You really have no idea.

Posted 2 weeks ago

I promised you I’m making a printable design as soon as Bosch gets to be a full season series, didn’t I?.. Well, you saw that one coming.

It is safe to say I got my inspiration from the whole #TeamBosch and its glorious mayor, Clare Costa, from Michael Connelly and Titus Welliver and all the people involved, and from this very tune JUST BECAUSE I ALWAYS PAINT TO THE MUSIC.

And - yeah, do tell me - would this fit as a #TeamBosch tee print, or you have other ideas?..))

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A quick marker sketch of Molly (of the Folly) as I picture her in my mind… and yeah, go and read “Rivers of London”, that’s something to feed your imagination on)))

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I cannot quite put my finger on the exact reason why I keep trying to paint Christopher Carrion - and keep making him less and less scary with every sketch. Blame my dreams and this music.